About Erick

After his graduation from New London High School in 2010, Erick continued his education in Puerto Rico, where he received a BA in Theater, minor in Education, from Sacred Heart University, and took graduate courses in Public Administration at University of Puerto Rico. He has worked extensively as a Youth and Community Organizer in New London.

Erick will work to ensure that NLPS students have access to wide-ranging, pertinent, and holistic learning to support their intellectual and emotional growth; transform our public schools into effective institutions for building a just and democratic community; provide opportunities for sustained dialogue and restorative practices; and cultivate ethics, solidarity, social awareness and creativity within our schools and community.

By connecting our community with our schools, Erick looks ahead to building a better and brighter future for everyone.



New London High School 2010

BA in Theater, Minor in Education, University of the Sacred Heart, Puerto Rico 2015

Graduate level courses in Public Administration, Budgeting and Management, University of Puerto Rico

Community and Youth Organizer, Hearing Youth Voices and FRESH New London

Director, José “Pepín” Méndez Art Gallery

Representative of the Humanities Department, Sacred Heart Board of Education
Project Development Coordinator, University of the Sacred Heart

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